Buyers and Sellers


Buying a home is often the largest and most important investment an individual will make during their lifetime.  For that reason, it is important for the buyer to ensure that the title to the property is “marketable” under Ohio law. Heartland’s experience and knowledge, coupled with oversight of Critchfield attorneys, provides unrivaled accuracy in the title review process. In addition to title review, our closing staff is experienced in dealing with lenders in providing funding through the escrow process. We work closely with your lender to make sure the closing is timely completed. When you invest in your home, choose Heartland to aid your closing process and ensure that your most valuable investment is protected.  


The process of selling your own home can be daunting. Once you find the right buyer, the terms of the contract need to be negotiated, all appropriate property disclosures need be provided, and the proper title agency must be chosen. With Heartland, the stress of these steps can be alleviated. Through our close relationship with Critchfield, we can refer you to our experienced staff of attorneys to provide guidance in document preparation and negotiation. Our experienced staff of title searchers, closers, and agents will ensure that all property disclosures affecting your real estate are properly disclosed. If you are looking to sell your home or real estate, look no further than Heartland to lend a hand and serve as your liaison during the title insurance and closing process. Selling your house? Heartland Title Agency, LLC will work with you to coordinate any satisfactions of liens and prepare all the necessary closing documentation to make the experience for you and the buyer as smooth as possible. We promise competitive rates, great communication and amazing service.

Buyer and Seller Benefits with Heartland Title Agency, LLC:

  • Single point of contact
  • Full service on every transaction
  • Timely and accurate title commitments
  • Superior communication
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff
  • Contract Upload capability or drop off

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